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Monday, 19 December 2016

New Bullet Resistant Vest made By PPSS Group Protects From Full Contact Shots And TASER

I have devoted my professional life to effectively help protect homeland security professionals and anyone else protecting and serving our countries and citizens… and I must admit, launching our brand new high performance NIJ Std 0101.06 Level IIIA Bullet Resistant Vests today is a truly special moment for me.

Having said that, being able to genuinely claim that this awesome body armour also offers protection from full contact shots (a detailed list of rounds, speed and velocities is available upon request) which forms an essential part of both the FBI and the German Police body armour test protocol , makes this in fact a rather exceptional moment.
  • Wikipedia: “A contact shot is defined as a gunshot wound incurred while the muzzle of the firearm is in direct contact with the body at the moment of discharge. Contact shots are often the result of close range gunfight or execution.”
Too many police or law enforcement officers are still being shot by their own firearm from extremely close range or point-blank, this is a well-known risk. In some instances (e.g. traffic stops or serious domestic disturbances) there have been indications that there was a struggle that took place at the crime scene between law enforcement officers and the hostile members of the public, and that during that said struggle police officers have at occasions lost control of their firearm. Some of these incidents resulted in shots being fired and officers being killed.

One of the most recent deadly ‘close range’ assaults in the U.S. was reported from Michigan where two court bailiffs were killed and a deputy was injured after an inmate grabbed the deputy’s gun outside a holding cell in a Michigan courthouse.  That man was being held on several felony charges and been taken from a holding cell and was being moved to a third-floor courtroom for an arraignment hearing when the deputy began struggling with him. In that fight the inmate was able to get hold of the deputy’s gun and subsequently shot him and then he killed the two bailiffs. For a full report please click here

I really have to say, understanding this particular risk of ‘close range shots’ or even ‘point-blank shots’ was absolutely crucial during the development phase of our new high performance bullet resistant vests.

In my professional and personal opinion, many body armour manufacturers appear to be entirely focussing on designing the thinnest and lightest body armour, resulting in body armour that pass the official standard and test, but with no safety margins in place whatsoever.

We wanted to put the safety of homeland security and other front line professionals first again, and testing our new body armour against full contact shot tests using different rounds and calibres was non-negotiable. We wanted to ‘lead the way’ once again!

The exceptional ballistic package has been created using a highly advanced new ultra-resilient European ballistic material, an integrated solution that combines high ballistic performance with a high level of comfort, improved flexibility, and substantially reduced Back Face Deformation (BFD).
Our new unique multi-layer system provides the best possible combination of multi-hit performance, flexibility and blunt trauma protection over the full rigorous service life of the armour.

In fact we are so confident in the quality as well as in the performance of this new state of the art body armour… we have decided this piece of kit should come with a 10 years performance warranty as well.

We all need to understand the NIJ Std 0101.06 is the most comprehensive, stringent and rigorous body armour compliance standard that exists today anywhere in the world. Please read my rather informative and detailed article on this extremely important body armour standard click here.
The fact that our bullet resistant vest are tested and certified against the NIJ Std 0101.06 standard ultimately means increased protection for the wearer. It means ‘reassurance’ and ‘piece of mind’ knowing that a body armour is based on the very latest design and manufacturing capabilities and technologies.

However… please also note these new bullet resistant vests also offer additional protection from Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm and Makarov 9 x 18mm… some of the most commonly used rounds in the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries.

And, on top of all that, our new NIJ Std 0101.06 Level IIIA bullet resistant vest also offer protection from TASER X26. A video of us testing our latest masterpiece against the TASER® will be available shortly. This shows the advanced design being successfully tested against a general issue TASER® device, which was conducted in a realistic operational setting – with a no effect at all on the wearer. The wearer was not incapacitated by the TASER® discharge nor suffered any effects of the device. 
Here at my firm we really are devoted to our continuous research and development in the field of ballistic and edged weapon protection.  Our ambitious goal was to develop one of the best and operationally most sensible bullet resistant vests, and for me it is now 100% crystal clear that we have successfully reached our objective.

Here you can view me being shot by a Glock 17 firing a 9mm Parebellum round (421m/sec) form close range… highlighting the truly exceptional performance of our body armour:

With a total thickness of 9.5mm, an aerial density of 5.73 kg/m2 and a total ballistic panel weight 1.66kg this is another little masterpiece and we at PPSS Group are immensely proud of it… and again… what a special moment it is!

Available Models:

Let me also introduce my colleague David Pegg here as well… following a truly distinctive career within the British Military and Police, David is now our Senior Body Armour Consultant and will handle all enquiries.  David can be reached by email dp@ppss-group.com
Otherwise please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email info@ppss-group.com or visit:  www.ppss-group.com

Be safe


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