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Saturday, 9 September 2017

NEW Emergency Body Armour by PPSS Group

Emergency Body Armour (view website) was globally launched London’s Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel.

Emergency Body Armour by PPSS Group
Emergency Body Armour
Designed for individual protection, our new rapidly deployable Emergency Body Armour is offering the very latest in field-tested body armour technology, displaying truly outstanding protection from edged weapon, such as machetes and knives, as well as unrivaled protection from blunt force trauma injuries.

We feel strongly that this is the right time to launch such type of body armour. Why?

The following headlines are a very clear and strong indication that a certain global threat is on the increase… that risk has become real… it is affecting civilians… and it is not specific to a region or country:
  • Sweden – August 2017 – Swedish police officer stabbed in a busy square in Stockholm
  • Belgium – August 2017 – Man shot dead after knife attacks on soldiers
  • Finland – August 2017 – Finland stabbing being treated as terror attack
  • Germany – August 2017 – Knife attacks – man hunt on for killer
  • France – August 2017 – Man armed with knife arrested at Paris’s Eiffel Tower
  • Germany – July 2017 – Knife attack in Hamburg supermarket leaves one person dead
  • UK – June 2017 – London Bridge terror: Seven dead after vehicle and knife attacks, 20 injured
  • Sweden – June 2017 – Man threatened several people with a knife including several children
  • France – June 2017 – An Algerian doctorate student, approached and attacked a police officer outside Notre Dame Cathedral with a hammer and kitchen knives
  • Germany – March 2017 – Second machete attack in Dusseldorf hours after axe rampage at city station
  • Australia – September 2016 – Australian knife attack was ‘inspired by ISIS,’ authorities say

Following a number of well documented knife attacks on civilians here in the UK, several European countries and Israel in recent years, PPSS Group, started a comprehensive R&D project with the aim to design a lightweight civilian body armour that can be strategically located in public places and deployed within a very few seconds, in case of emergency.

PPSS Emergency Body Armour - Instructions Image

Our plan now is to make this new Emergency Body Armour available to airports, train stations, hospitals, city centre hotels, department stores, shopping centres and other key locations civilians may flee to and seek shelter when faced by a suddenly occurring threat.

Our Emergency Body Armour is not only offering the said ‘stab protection’ but also a high level of protection from blunt force trauma injuries, usually suffered following an assault by a blunt object, and a lot can be said to this type of internal injuries and the long term distress they can cause.

I strongly believe our Emergency Body Armour will help to protect human lives and reduce the number of casualties when a sudden serious threat occurs, and/or reduce the severity of injuries received during such attacks.

I fully understand that some people are… and will always be opposed to body armour… any type of body armour. It reminds me somehow of the response to a ‘product’ which was created by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin in 1959… the seat belt!

I remember in the early 70’s when I grew up… many actually really hated wearing ‘that’ seat belt in the early year, but the fact of the matter is that ten thousands of road death have been prevented since and now we all know that wearing such seat belt makes sense. Now we know that it saves lives and it reduces the severity of injuries if something happens which often is simply out of our hands.

In 1972… after a series of aircraft hijackings… the walk through metal detector was first time put in use at a U.S. airport. Last week I returned from my holidays and remember well the many people whining and whinging about the delays these metal detectrs apparently cause.  But again… the fact is clear and cannot be ignored… these machines have effectively helped us to reduce the number of death of innocent people.

I do not compare the ‘importance’ of our Emergency Body Armour with the seat belt or the walk through metal detector… BUT i strongly believe that our latest development will also help us to reduce the number of death of innocent people and the severity of injuries many of us may otherwise suffer during an attack or incident we simply cannot prevent.

We have to accept times have changed… and so has the type of risks and threats, as well as the level of lack of respect and lack of discipline in today’s society.  My firm PPSS Group is doing its utmost to develop, manufacture and supply all types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) aiming to keep frontline professionals as well as civilians alive.

Our latest Emergency Body Armour is another truly superb tool to achieve precisely that!

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Be safe


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